We know your home is not a business, so we don't treat it like one.  We use an environmentally friendly soap that will not harm your plants. We also use squeegees with our hands, and not poles, to make it look as if the window wasn't even there.

Residential Expert
Mike Charleston

Gas lanterns
Once gas lanterns get all sooty and dirty, they are very difficult to clean.  If they stay dirty too long, it will eventually stain the glass.  Let us clean them for you before it is too late. 

Fan dusting
Fans collect dust, and they are not easy to reach.  If I can reach it with my ladder, then I can clean it.

Post construction cleanup
If you are a contractor, and need someone to clean up all the paint, stickers, and stuff, then give me a call. I might be able to work with you.  There are a lot of pitfalls when dealing with post construction cleanup, so let me see if I can help.  Here is a link for more information.

Mirror cleaning
While we are cleaning your windows, don't forget the mirrors.  From bathroom mirrors to large wall mirrors, we can clean them for you.

Chandelier cleaning
Chandeliers seem like they would take a long time to clean.  Well, they do.  We use a special chandelier cleaner, and then hand wipe the bigger pieces to give it the sparkle you want from a chandelier.